Negotiation of claims

The Insurance policy is a promise that the policyholder will be indemnified for losses resulting from a specified event.  It is our duty therefore to ensure that this promise is kept.  
Once we have received a claim notification the first action is to confirm from your records that the loss falls under a policy he/she has arranged.  We then after confirmation must give immediate notification to the Insurer.
In the claim negotiations it is our duty as the Broker to ensure that the insured is treated fairly so that you receive a true indemnity in accordance with the terms of the policy.
We must therefore monitor closely, and guide the progress of the parties towards a settlement, which is fair and acceptable to both.
Our basic duties in relation to claims are summarized as follows:
     Giving immediate notification of losses to Insurers
     Advising the Insured of his/her rights and obligations under the policy
     Arranging for the completion of appropriate claim forms
     Ensuring that, where necessary, adjusters are appointed and briefing the  client on the role of the adjuster.
     Assisting the insured in preparing the necessary documents and information in support of the claim.
     Collecting claims payments from Insurers.
     In case of major losses attending site meetings with both the adjuster and the Insurers personnel.
     Post-loss surveys
     Providing staff-experienced in the adjustment of complex claims to assist the client in negotiations.




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