Placing insurance

We have many separate functions, which arise during the negotiation and placing of a risk.  These however may vary with the size and complexity of the risk and the resources of the client, however the basic principles are the same across the board.
     Where necessary, obtaining a completed proposal form.  We may assist with the completion of the form.
     Obtaining other information, by meetings, questionnaires, etc as may be required to fully explain the risk to the insurers.
     Arranging survey
     Presenting information to insurers
     Presenting and explaining terms to the clients
     Effecting cover by way of written instructions to the insurers and insured
     Arranging cover notes and policy documentation
     Scrutinizing of Policy Documents and Endorsements to ensure they address the exposure appropriately
     Entering the risk in our state of the art  Brokerage Management Information System
     Debiting the client and paying insurers
     Agreement on credit terms

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