Risk Management Capacity

In order to serve our clients better, we arrange for risk surveys with the aim of homepage advising our clients on the best way to managing and improving the risk. This is done in conjunction with insurance companies where we have placed the risk.
In addition, we advise our clients on the existing insurance programs by reviewing and/or remodeling with the ultimate aim of minimizing the risk.

Risk Management involves the exertion of some form of analysis and control of a hazard and the likelihood of that hazard happening.
Risks management has basic components and these are:-
     Risk identification
     Risk evaluation
     Risk prevention & control
     Risk financing
Apart from our traditional role as a broker of providing advice on the selection of insurers, executing instructions and providing risk survey. We have observed that the whole process of managing and transferring risk has become more sophisticated.

Our role as a Broker naturally depends upon the exact needs and resources of the business. Our role in this area is to assist a business in achieving its risk management objectives.

We are therefore involved in all the basic functions of identification, evaluation, control and transfer. Our involvement basically include the following:-
     Risk identification surveys & subsequent discussions.
     Property loss prevention and control.
     Business interruption analysis.
     Product liability hazard analysis.
     Employee safety.
     Fire Engineering design and consultancy.
     Loss analysis and protection.
     Assessment of maximum possible and probable loss values.
     Self-insured fund and capture management.
     Contingency planning, program design.
     Programme monitoring.
     Cross management.
     Post-loss surveys.
     Innovative risk-transfer programme design.

The list of services offered & demand grows constantly and it is now convectional for payment for these services to be made by fee.

These services described are functions of risk management what we do as Brokers is helping in developing a programme.

We realise that Risk Management is about securing the most economical & efficient management of risk. Therefore it has to be realistic and reflect the philosophy of the business. In this regard we can only succeed by obtaining a full understanding of the business and the risk faced.

We do not dictate to our clients since successful risk management comes from within, but we try to be frank and willing to give impartial advice.

In order to achieve the goals we must be in regular communications with the client and we seek to acquaint ourselves as far as possible with our clients business.

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