Selections of insurers

Our market has about 40 Insurance companies and for most clients individual or corporate they have very little knowledge of the insurance business leave alone about their existence.  Our role therefore becomes handy in the selection of Insurers by matching their qualities to your needs.

Our role while making a recommendation must pay attention and make a balanced view of an insurer’s different qualities.  These factors include the following:
     Quality of service
     Breadth of cover
     Credit facility
     Geographical spread
     Claims service
     Support and sales literature
     Provision of technical advice
     Survey and risk control
     Financial security
     Reputation and experience

It is therefore imperative for us to deal with a relatively wide spread of the market so that we can make a reasonable assessment of the Insurers and by so doing we will then:-
     Reduce exposure to sudden change in underwriting philosophy
     Reduce exposure to an insolvency
     Provide the widest knowledge of what is available
     Obtain competitive terms
     Ensure the availability of capacity
     Ensure ability to deal with unusual risks.

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